Writing and reading and the Internet

I’ve got pages on Writer’s and Reader’s guides published. They are one person’s view but I trust some find them helpful.

I had to do some exploration of the craft’s changes which have been ushered in by internet and Amazon in particular. The internet’s magic is that It allows voices to he heard which , in the old days of (ironic name eh?) ‘Mass Media’ and print never got past the editor’s desk. The benefits for writers?

  • More people can learn faster and better (because their information is current)
  • Writers can expand their worldview by reading the blogs and publications of cultures they did not know before
  • Many people can be reached with little investment
  • We can read stuff we’d be far to embarrassed to check out of the library.

On that last point: maybe I’m shy but there is no way you’d catch me checking out a romance novel from the library. Especially not modern ones. Holy trojans, those don’t hold anything back. Porn for the ladies, methinks. But I’ve downloaded some from Amazon and they are worth studying, as

  1. They are a hoot to read. Now I know what I can get away with in my own stuff.
  2. They sell like mad.

Never ignore success, that’s my credo. If it works, there is a damn good reason for it. Some day I will write a romance novel for the sheer challenge. I just hope it does not end up being unintentionally hilarious.

About H.W. MacNaughton

Technologist and communicator. Into technology, jazz, Formula One, sci-fi and any good writing about real stuff.
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