A Tipple on Whisky

I read plenty of whisky blogs (listed on the front page) and I enjoy them all. But it’s a crowded market, and I understand you might have some questions about this site.

Why are you doing this?

So, yes, YAWB (Yet Another Whiskey Blog). Why? Well, two reasons:

  • Everyone has a different take; I haven’t seen my approach done yet. It may be out there and I missed it. No worries.
  • I get excited about whisky and when I get excited, I write.

My approach to reviewing whiskies is to do sleuthing, to put together a picture of how each whisky fits into the bigger picture: why it is made the way it is, how it fits into the marketplace, what’s its hook. And, by the way, I’ll taste and photograph it. I’m not a super-nosed trained whisky drinker. My nose is decent, but I can’t tell you if the pepper note I smell is Tellicherry or Malabar, or whether it was picked on the full moon in the seventh month. I’ll leave that level of distinction to others. Just plain-speaking opinion and observation.

What are you getting out of this?

Fifteen microsconds of fame. If that! A serial organizer, I categorize and record stuff all the time. I’ve got tasting notes on every whisky I’ve tried in the last two years — so the information is there. And I like to write, it’s relaxing. I get no freebies, except now and then swapping with the neighbors. So, since the kids haven’t crashed any cars lately, and the house hasn’t burned down, and the wife doesn’t shop us into debt, I can afford to spend a little on decent whiskies. Now and then I get a crack at something fancier courtesy of a friend, or I’ll buy a pricier bottle for a special occasion. But for the most part I’ll focus on the whiskies most of us can find, and afford.

What can you do for me?

Fair question! If you’re in another country, well, maybe not much — the market is divvied up and ‘segmented’ as the economists would say, by the huge companies that control most of the liquor in the world. Diageo, Pernod-Ricard, Edrington and LVMH decide which varieties of each brand are sold in different markets. And of course prices vary wildly. In Oregon, where I live (Northwestern USA), the prices are fairly decent, but go across the river to Washington and they are 25% higher. Go figure, they have private sales there, we are state-controlled. But you might find the same brand where you live and wonder if it is worth the euros, or how it might compare to something else you know. The more information, the better for all of us.

So, please comment. I look forward to discussing whiskies with you.

Why is there other stuff on this site?

Yes, I have reviews of some books I read, and I’ll probably add movies, to add culture and different visuals than just whisky bottles (nice as those are). I’d get bored writing solely about whiskies. Also, I wonder about stuff, like why no one in Game of Thrones wears a hat (post coming about that). This is one way of figuring out — does anyone else think like that? Maybe I’ll get a comment or two.

Also, this is a great place to show off how interesting and funky is my home town, Portland. It’s like Portlandia, in many strange and wonderful ways.


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