Writer’s Corner

I’ve been scribbling SciFi stories and even entire novels for years, decades if you count early attempts before my responsible, adult career in technology. That has been to no avail as yet, but I’ll persist until the suns of Lupus 3 have exploded their guts out or burned into husks. It is good to exercise the creative juices. And since I’m a serial organizer, I’ve got some information stashed away that might be of help to others. Hence, this section.

I have learned an immense amount of stuff from the folks linked in the Writer’s guide. I am sure there are more gurus online; this is not a definitive list of helpful sites. But it is a good list, and that is what matters.

Writer’s guide: art, community and the business

And for those who want to read SciFi, well, I wont subject you to my scribblings, not here; instead I direct you to these worthy resources, most of which are available online or via electronic delivery.

Reader’s guide to online Sci Fi literature

Star Map, Z-Minus Plot of Heart Laurel, by Alexa

Star Map, Z-Minus Plot of Heart Laurel, by Alexa


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