I’ve been reading science fiction since the age of eight, when some well-meaning grandparent sent me the Jules Verne book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I went on to devour the other Verne books in short order. Heinlein, Herbert, Niven and Pournelle and other greats followed. In the years following the sirens of fantasy turned my head. I happened upon The Hobbit in sixth grade, and afterwards my teacher lent me a boxed set of The Lord of the Rings, which I read until late, hiding under my blanket with a flashlight. That led to Sword of Shannara, and other fantasy works. Somewhere along the line, authors as varied as C. S. Forester and Spike Milligan derailed me for a bit. As a young man, I read the Russians and Henry Miller and drank Bushmills, thinking myself sophisticated. But science fiction remained my favorite genre.

I’ve been a writer since middle school, but never expected to make a buck at it. Instead, I put my nose to the grindstone and learned useful things, worked hard, entered the great corporate machine and made a living that way. Always the family ‘tech geek,’ my vocation led me into operating, programming and debugging various computing devices. I’ve been named in five software patents and continue to provide insight and guidance in the tech world. A ninth-degree black belt in Powerpoint, I’ve so many hours in Microsoft Word (since 3.0 for Mac) they owe me a plaque in Redmond.

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