Whisky Reviews

The reviews are sorted by name and by region, which you can find in this menu.

All my reviews are based on bottles I have purchased or have been given by family or friends. They are in no way influenced by commercial interest in any of these companies, as I have none.

My approach is colored by my experience in business and the hustle and jive of marketing. While I recognize the highly competitive nature of business and the the art of creative presentation, I like to poke a bit of fun at some of the longer reaches the marketing mavens take. The reviews strive for an approach that respects the economics and art of producing whiskies at scale and high quality, which most of these distillers achieve. The bottom line is whether the dram is worth your coin. Are you buying style, status or flavor? I try not to judge but highlight one from the other.

Lastly, I’m not a trained whisky taster. My family thinks I have the best nose of us but I’m no pro. The main takeaway from these reviews I work towards is consistency. There is only one nose involved across all of them. Fortunately, coronavirus has not taken that away!

Stay safe readers, and drink responsibly.

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