2 thoughts on “IMAG0302”

  1. Your pictures are awesome! I just wanted to point out that in scenes such as this one, choosing HDR mode makes a vast improvement. It takes several quick pictures (or maybe just 2), using different settings for each, and then merges the photos. One setting it chooses for darker parts of the image, and then a second picture with settings for brighter areas, and then merges the 2 photos for a great photo capturing MANY more details and revealing the dark areas. The trick is you have to brace the camera against something to hold it incredibly still while it takes the multiple photos.


  2. Hi Russel – I did experiment with HDR, but as you point out, a steady shot is critical. Not always possible in the bustle of NYC, and HDR takes longer to take the shot & process. So for the most part I saved it for occasional shots where I had time to compose. But it did pay off a number of time – and if I were organized enough I’d note that on the images. Next time… 🙂


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