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Olá brasileiros, por favor me diga por que assim que muitos vêm a este site. Obrigado.

Muitos brasileiros pousar neste site, e todos é bem-vindos aqui. Mas eu não sei porque os brasileiros lia neste site. Por favor me diga por que você está aqui. (Talvez, haja um link ruim que posso consertar?) Obrigado.   Advertisements

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Holiday buying guide for those with a Scotch lover on the list

So, you have someone you know is ‘into’ Scotch and you want to buy a nice present. You don’t want to set a foot wrong, and certainly don’t want to see her writing about your present as “the Scotch I … Continue reading

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What kind of tweeter are you?

I’m not the one to judge, having been doing twitter seriously for just a year, but anyone with powers of observation can see certain patterns in the chaos. If it seems that the list leans towards those either writing, editing, … Continue reading

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Pulp fiction in the 20th century: Super Man Chu vs. Game of Thrones

I recently reviewed a book on my future fiction blog (here) which was essentially a celebration of pulp genre – unabashedly raw, rambunctious, and disgusting in parts. A lot of folks liked it, giving 4 & 5 stars on Goodreads. … Continue reading

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